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Are the pavers of your Long Island home or business showing signs of wear and tear? Is your natural stone pool surround covered with satins? Are the concrete pavers in your driveway cracking or shifting? Do you want to protect the brick pavers in your walkway from becoming damaged? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions – or you want to preserve or renovate any other type of paver surface – contact the pros at Paver Savers!

Our Paver Care and Repair Services Include…

Paver Cleaning

Pavers are exposed to the elements and wear and tear on a constant basis. They can develop stains, weeds can grow between cracks, moss and mildew can develop on their surfaces, and they can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. All that grime can have a negative impact on your hardscapes. Fortunately, with our top-notch cleaning services, your dirty and dingy pavers can be renewed and look as good as the day they were installed. We use the highest end equipment, including commercial-grade power washers and specialized cleaning solutions that are powerful enough to cut through all types of dirt and debris, yet won’t harm your property or the environment. Our technicians begin the cleaning process by removing any plant matter that may be growing between the cracks of your pavers. We then use the combination of our power washers and advanced cleaning solutions to blast away caked-on dirt, built-up grime, stains, moss, algae, mildew, and anything else that may be marring the appearance of your pavers and making them look lackluster. When we’ve finished the cleaning process, your pavers will shine and your property’s curb appeal will be dramatically enhanced.

Paver Sealing

While concrete, brick, and natural stone pavers are naturally durable, they aren’t impenetrable. These materials are porous, which means they are prone to moisture penetration and staining. They can also fade as a result of constant exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun and can crack or chip under the stress of regular use. To protect your pavers, sealing is an absolute must. At Paver Savers, we carry a large selection of the highest quality, most durable sealers from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry in a variety of finishes. The sealing process begins with a thorough cleaning. Any plant matter growing between the cracks of your pavers will be removed and the entire surface of the structure will be cleaned.  Once the paver stones are completely dry, our technicians will expertly apply the high-end sealer of your choice between the cracks and on the surfaces of your hardscapes. Once the sealer sets, your pavers will be far less prone to staining, their structural integrity will be strengthened, they’ll be protected from the fading and discoloration, and their color will be enhanced. Our sealers last for years and will dramatically improve the durability, extend the life expectancy, and boost the aesthetic appeal of your Long Island property.

Paver Restoration

If your pavers have succumbed to settling, shifting, tree root infiltration, water damage, or simply the pressure from everyday use, you might be thinking that you have to replace them, but with our paver restoration services, there’s a good chance that your damaged hardscapes can be revived. Our team of experts can breathe new life into cracked, shifted, loose, and dull pavers. We begin the restoration process by performing a thorough assessment of the structure to determine the best course of action. We then remove any damaged stones and the base materials that were supporting them, add the appropriate amount of new base material and compact it, and install new pavers. We’ll then re-grout the entire surface of the structure with top-quality polymeric sand to ensure that all of the pavers are properly secured and structurally sound. Once the damaged pavers and structural issues have been addressed, our technicians will then thoroughly clean your pavers and will apply a high-quality sealer of your choice to strengthen the durability, prevent future damage, and bring out the natural beauty of the paving stones.


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