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In spite of the natural durability of concrete, brick, and natural stone pavers, they are not impenetrable. Porous materials are susceptible to staining and moisture penetration. Under the constant stress of regular use, they can also fade due to constant exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Sealing your pavers is essential to protecting them. In a variety of finishes, Paver Savers offers the highest quality, most durable sealers from the most reputable manufacturers. In order to seal a surface, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly.

Your pavers will be cleaned and any plant matter that grows between their cracks will be removed. We apply high-end sealants to the hardscape surfaces and between the cracks of your paver stones once they have been completely dried. By sealing your pavers, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of staining, strengthen their structural integrity, prevent fade and discoloration, and enhance their color. Using our sealers will dramatically improve your Long Island property’s durability, extend its life expectancy, and improve its aesthetic appeal.


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Many homeowners devote a lot of time and effort to maintaining their gardens and yards, but everyone has a busy schedule. Consequently, some outdoor features on their properties get neglected and start to look dull and worn out over time. In addition to regular wear and tear, changes in climatic conditions can affect paving stones on driveways, walkways, pool areas, and pathways.

Our excellent paver cleaning and sealing services appeal to many customers across the country. Keeping these areas spruced up all year long is the only way to maintain the stunning appearance they had when they were installed. Paver cleaning specialists on the Paver Savers team have years of experience cleaning and sealing brick paving stones, so you can rest assured that your pavement is in good hands.


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The experts at our company will work tirelessly to make your pavement look as beautiful as possible. Whenever a paver sealing or repair project is in progress, our expert team never compromises on quality. No matter how big or small, every job is treated with the same degree of dedication and expertise at our company. Your Long Island property’s durability, life expectancy, and aesthetic appeal will be dramatically enhanced by our sealers that last for years.

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