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Whether your pavers have succumbed to settling, shifting, tree root infiltration, water damage, or simply the pressure of everyday use, you might think they need to be replaced. However, with our paver restoration services, it’s likely that you can reestablish your damaged hardscapes. It is possible to breathe new life into cracked, shifted, loose, and dull pavers with the help of our team of experts. As part of the restoration process, we assess the structure thoroughly to determine the best course of action. 

As soon as the stones have been removed and the old base materials have been compacted, the new top layer of the base material will be added and compacted with the new pavers, and the old pavers will be removed. In order to ensure that all of the pavers are properly secured and structurally sound, we will re-grout the entire surface of the structure with top-quality polymeric sand so that all of the pavers are properly secured. As soon as the damaged pavers have been repaired as well as any structural issues have been addressed, our technicians will thoroughly clean your pavers and then apply a high-quality sealer of your choice to protect your pavers from future damage, strengthen their durability, and bring out their natural beauty.

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Our goal is to ensure that your brick pavers continue to look as amazing as they did when they were first installed. We are a locally owned and operated company, Paver Savers. As a result, we give each and every home at our company the individual attention and service it deserves. 

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